Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Kickapoo Survey

Hey people, you are welcomed to answer the following simple question.
I want your comment to create a new design.
You can always comment it in the post comment or the blog chat box, and kindly write down your name.
 Please and thank you!

1. In this type of logo, are the color of logo suitable?
   A. Yes
   B. No

2. Do you think the logo is suitable for the drink?
   A. Yes
   B. No

3.  Does it attract your attention at the first sight?
   A. Yes
   B. No

4.  Does the color combination interesting and contrast enough?
   A. Yes
   B. No

1.    5. Do you confuse with the logo?
A.     A. Yes
         B. No

6.  Overall do you like the logo if no please state why?
   A. Yes
   B. No. Why?

7. Overall can you understand the meaning of the logo?
   A. Yes
   B. No.

8.  Can you differentiate the color combination?
   A. Yes
   B. No

9. How much could you list from the color of logo?
   A. 3
   B. 4
   C. More than 5

10. Which of the design has got your attraction when the first view on it?
   A The title
   B. The logo
   C. The color 

11. Based on the answer above, can you state out why?

12. From the the color of water and logo, can you imagine how the drink taste like?
   A. Yes
   B. No

13. Does the color got your attraction at the first sight?
   A. Yes
   B. No

14. Can you read the meaning inside the logo?
   A. Yes
   B. No

15. Does the color of logo make you interesting?
   A. Yes
   B. No

16. In your opinion, which color suitable the logo?

Thank you for helping, your comment will be appreciated.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Monday, October 4, 2010

The deadline are tomorrow.
And now i still out of idea.
After the 24 hour, it will gonna be hang up. D; D;
Fuck up facebook.
Do not mess me up please.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

the first week of my holiday. ;o

Argh! Plan to upload a video, there was the song ni bu zhi dao de shi cover by me. D;
But unfortunately, I uploading and have been waiting for so long, it seems like no feed back at all. 
So fine!!
Anyway, i went to ou last Sun with cou and those zhi lian po. :)
To see WangLeeHom.
You're my top of the list. And also Jay Chou. Woots :D

Oh well, finally i can see him. Hahax!
Although we only see his side, but it is worth.
He doesn't make me disappointed. :D 
Seriously his mic controlling is freaking awesome.
There was my first to listen he sing live. 
By the way, we had taken photo with LEEHOM without queue up!!
you would laugh die for sure. XD
This is what we call yeng zhai :D

Oh ya. Results would be coming out on the next week.
But my friend, he knew his result because he asked from lecture. ><
I can't wait for the day.
Even though i know it is kinda bad. -.-
Hopefully i can pass!!
>< Imma really useless! *poke POKE*

And 24 Aug 2010
Was the night we called 中元节 in chinese.
LOL! Heard they said the bla bla all come out from the hell bla bla.
So we must do something to them
Then praying.. and bla bla those stuff
And It flashed my mind..
Flash back the last year of today,
my dad was teaching me to drive.
All he's talking a lot of theory that
i really forgotten.

He said my driving wasn't good enough. 
Need more experience.
And this year, i was a good driver were having a safe drive. :P
No bang people car, no speeding, no arguing.
But unluckily, people bang me!! 3rd time some more. TT
That time i was really appreciate i've such a good father.

But he had done up something unforgivable!!
He's hiding in our 5 years ago!!
When i look at childhood photos, you know how much tears i shed?? Looks like everything is fake!

If can i decide not to born out this cruel world.
So that my mum won't be suffering.

What else i need to say?
is about gaming. 
My DotA drug is back to me again.
I am wondering..
How does a guy banned a DotA in his life?? ._.
Except pak tor!!!
Maybe imma in holiday mood? Free enough. :X
Seriuosly, i gonna fuck up this DotA after end of the holiday!!

And lastly, this is my highly topic!!
I gonna buy a sec hand piano from bro's friend!!
Mum, she didn't say anything. 
Cause she knew i love piano as well. :D
Thank you so much. Haha!
How awesome it is??
Appreciate <3

I can't replace her smile if i found her. 
Just left you find yourself. 
See you again, I must make myself pretend to be very firm.

I am assured, see her happy than ever.
I roughly to do so.
Why i am doing this?
Because, I'm David. A teen who very strong enough. :)
Don't worry, i would stay happy as always!
Cheer! :o

Sunday, August 15, 2010

result will be coming out tomorrow!
OH SHIT!! Hopefully it ends well!!
Gonna pray tonight. D; I so damn fucking worry right now.

In other hand, this is what i'd learned in the college The One Acedemy. <3
At the first pic, there's my art work before i took the drawing lesson. (;
And the other one, is after i do!!!
It looks great! But i still PRAY HARD AS WELL!!! HAHAHAX!

Friday midnight, tian and i went to ou watch liang ai tong gao, and also jay together.
Kk fong fei kei, too bad. :P

Gathering at ss2 with kk, my cou, tian, and weslie! 
they plan to go drink liong sui, but seems like we talked more than drink. 
and my cousin, he did great!
Seriously, he tipu they all until open mouth big big. 

Hmm.. Just ignore!! My zhi lian pic, i like it so i post it up. :)

Wahahaha! So leng zhai :P

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Learned piano recently,i was really like it.
And there's someting i realized, playing piano is really comfort
But if you playing piano while singing, THAT'S SO FREAKING DIFFICULTY!!
Once you sing out, must've catch up all the beat, even your voice must be good.
Sometimes, i might lost concentrate.
Maybe it is my problem? Or my concentration isn't good enough.

Well, finally, i play back magic lately.
Was start interesting, what i had learn from my cousin.
However, it doesn't effective to me. ayb because i'm new, or i am too honest either? -.-
It's so hard to act infront of them.
I can't reach the magician, because that's too much steps that i must follow up & used to it too.
And sometimes, i do really feel numb and pissing off, cos keep unsucess, and feel like giving up.
What i want to say is,even i can't knockout now.But i would do it in the future as well. :D

Woot! This is my single life, no kau lui, got gap lui xD *dislike dislike*
Kau lui really kind of bored thing in my life. Feel sien of it. :)

Monday, August 9, 2010

I wanna say something,
I just discover something that I don't know how to say.
I wanna thank for, you take away all. Make me so insecurely.
no hurt, but uncomfortable.